The MoonStar Film Reviews rating/content advisory system is pretty basic.

Our movie rating system is comprised of several factors: acting, direction, cinematography, editing, screenplay/plot, production design, costumes, SFX, music and basically anything else that can receive an Oscar©!

Although not every movie can be The Godfather (and thus perfect), each movie is judge on its own individual merits in each category.

In other words, a movie may exhibit solid cinematography, but feature a lousy script.  Thusly, it is judged accordingly to fit within a realistic score parameter.  Just for the record, our ratings system is as follows:

                   NIL                                                                         POOR                                                                                 FAIR                                      

                GOOD                                                                  TERRIFIC                                                                       EXCELLENT


Similar to cable TV, but with more versatility, this guide will be useful for parents, children and any moviegoer alike.  The categories are as follows:

      CONTENT                            LANGUAGE                                VIOLENCE                             NUDITY        

AC   (Adult Content)		        ML   (Mild Language)		            MV   (Mild Violence)		           BN   (Brief Nudity)
RP   (Rape)				        AL   (Adult Language)		            AV    (Violence)				     N   (Nudity)
SC   (Sexual Content)		        SL    (Strong Language)		            SV   (Strong Violence)			
												                    GV   (Gory Violence)